GHE PEL LING – Institute for Buddhist Tibetan Studies

His Holinesses visit comes through the initiative of The Ghe Pel Ling Institute for Buddhist Tibetan Studies. The Institute also organized the 1999 and 2007 teachings given by His Holiness in Milan.

The Institute is an association that has the scope of diffusing the knowledge, study and practice of Buddhist philosophy at its highest level according to the Gelugpa School.

Founded in 1978, under the auspices of His Holiness The XIV Dalia Lama, and thanks to the unparalleled works of the actual Spiritual Director and Guide, Lama Thamthog Rinpoche, his predecessor Ghesce Tenzin Gonpo and the current resident master Lama Khenrab Rinpoche, the institute offers in the most complete and pure way the answer given by Buddha to those who are looking for a more spiritual dimension to their lives in the most complete and pure way.

The full activities of the Institute include teachings from the entire Buddhist path. These include teachings from the sutra and tantra, meditational sessions, rituals, initiations, and specific recommendations for one's daily life.

Institutional activities include midweek courses, seminars and intensive retreat periods that last different number of days.

In regards to the courses, on Monday evenings advanced teachings on philosophy, psychology, and epistemology are exposed in a profound and accurate manner; on Wednesday night, teachings open to everyone, such as an introduction to the spiritual path, meditation, and general practice will be given while Friday evenings will cover an explanation of ritual aspects.

Certain weekends out of the month there will be seminars held, alternating between, special advanced teachings, and close examination of general arguments or the Gradual Path.

Throughout the year there will be planned spiritual retreats with different durations of up to 10 days and will include teachings and intensive meditational and purification practices. Thanks to this complete schedule and the great benefit derived from it, the centre has seen both a continual increase of interest in regards to the teachings of Buddha and in the number of members to almost 2600.

Apart from the different Dharma activities that take place in the temple as stated above, the Centre also offers other classes, which are held in the gym, for ones psychophysical well being such as Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and advise in the tradition of Tibetan medicine.

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The Institute also promotes different solidarity activities through the Ghe Pel Ling ONLUS.

In Tibet, the project “Save the Tibetan Culture”, brought about the construction of school-hostel for 160 children. It also takes care of the operational aspect of the school and the up keep of 315 students.

The “Hospital for the people of Litang” project allowed for the restructuring and expanding of the already existing hospital adding an operating room with adequate medicine and guaranteeing sufficient sanitary assistance for the 70,000 residents living in the area.

“A friend on top of the world” is a project that consists of adopting Tibetan monks from a distance from Sera and Drepung monasteries in the south of India.

In India there are other project activities of "Distance Adoption" and "Vacation School" for children and young Tibetan refugees.

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